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Finally, a space for my stuff and a place for you to leave me your comments! (No, that was not a request... XD)

Monday, March 26, 2007

1 month short of a year

Hi everyone!

It's almost been a year since I last posted anything. How time flies, ne?
For those of you still visiting my blog from time to time: thank you! (Altho I doubt anyone does...)

Neways! So Kris graduated from college now, and no, "Life Drawing" is not done.
There was too much restriction, mostly due to the lack of time, that caused me to just 'settle' with what I've done for my film. And now, armed with more time, I want to rework my film (altho not having a time limit is dangerous as well....)


So to the point of this post: I've redone the Drawing today, in Maya.
I've thought about how hard it was to edit the traditionally animated Drawing into the 3d film, and that wasn't even where she interacted with the 3D props! So I decided to recreate her in Maya.

The benefit of that is that she can now actually interact with the 3D props, and an accidental benefit was that she now looks like a crudely drawn character done by a 4 yr old ('cuz it's impossible to drawing in friggin' Maya, especially with a mouse!)

I didn't rig her, considering that she's built of nurbs planes and grouped lines: my intention is to animate her almost like a paper cut-out animation and by her CVs. We will see if that's plausible when I do some test animation. (already, I predict that there will be problems with the "scribble" lines' CVS... I may have to scan in some crayon scribbles and use that as texture afterall...).

Hopefully, I'll feel motivated enough to get to that at some point... but for now, here's a render of the maya version of the Drawing:

Saturday, April 29, 2006

It's been a while (again), so ...

Hi all!

Again, this is another check-in post to show that i am still alive

Well, kindda...

Monday, March 13, 2006

Checkin' in!

Hi y'all!

Checkin' in to report that I'm alive, but sick... and drugged ~__~;

No visual update, but here's a verbal update:

Scene 03: Still a WIP. It's behind schedule but I'm trying to catch up. Realized I need more blendshapes, so I'm hoping to get that done tonite... ::crosses fingers::.... Kris is currently sick...and drugged >.>;... excuses, I know, but yeah... that's all i can offer atm u_u;

Scene 17: somewhat on track (dunno how that happened @_@;;...), trying to refine it, and break up the even timing...HATE how her head is flopping all around,... so hard to do this one because I have everything timed to interact w/ each other so yeah, keeping track of how many things to select is... doesn't help that i'm drugged and i'm barely understanding what i'm typing right now @.@;;;...

Liberal Arts Goals:
Mike Nyugen report finished tomorrow at work
Miyazaki and Amano reports finished at work on Weds
Capstone part 2 finished Sat/Sun (i will consume large amounts of caffeine, my heart be damned! I need this shit taken care off!)

I'm getting pissed off at my slowed productive rate... I really need to redeem myself during winter brk >_<

I'm so frustrated right now! I just feel like crap in general: illness, stupid film, stupid liberal arts, stupid EVERYTHING ::bangs head on desk::

Friday, February 24, 2006

Images from Life Drawing

Well, well... i suppose one posting a month isn't all TOO bad... o.O;... ::coughs::

So! here are some image from my film: top one is a grab from Sc03, and the second one is the opening shot.

Not really looking for comments since I can post my animation on here, but if you have 'em, they are welcomed anyways. ^^

Film progress: Sc01 and Sc02 are done, currently struggling w/ Sc03 then will move on to Sc19 (toychest climb)

Monday, January 30, 2006

Some updates...

It's been a while, since I was last on, but...

First off: HAPPY NEW YEAR!! It's gonna be a GOOD year.

Second: I have finally completed the skinning of LG, and the skinning of Mom was completed as well (thanks to Daniel). Now I just need to create BLENDSHAPES! Then, ANIMATE! (finally!! TDT)

But I don't believe I've shown you (whoever views my blog) my 3D characters yet, so I did some screen caps: I don't think they're very clear, but they're all that I have time for at the moment. ^^;
Little Girl on top, and Mom below (and yes, they are named "Little Girl" and "Mom")

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Sooner than expected...

here's my cousins, Di (back shot) and Do (profile)

COMMENT! please? ^-^



This place is new to me (and that's me ::points up:: ....kindda...) , and it'll be a while before I get used to posting here, but...

WELCOME! Welcome to my not-so-personal "personal space bubble"! (inside joke u_u...)

Here, I will post my artwork, and you will post your comments on them. I'm considering posting my writing here as well, but due to the nature and content of my writing, that's still under consideration...
I'm very excited about this place, so I hope to start posting as soon as I have some stuff to post... which may be a while @D@;;;

Anyway, please stay stuned and check back often to see my work (or to see if i've put up any work ^^;;;...)